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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Lily WatsonLily Watson
Suky is an incredible driving instructor who helped me pass my practical driving test. She helped me gain confidence in driving as I was initially very nervous to start lessons. I felt very comfortable in the car with her, and I really enjoyed our lessons as we would talk throughout making the environment less stressful. Throughout our lessons, she taught me everything that was needed for the test and was more than happy to go over any aspects that I was struggling with. Under her guidance, I felt very prepared and confident to take my test and she was supportive the whole time. She was very patient and understanding and I valued her teaching techniques. I enjoyed the lessons and her approach to teaching so much that I recommended her to my friends and would definitely recommend again. She is the best driving instructor I could have hoped for, and I will miss our weekly lessons. Thank you :)

Phoebe WilsonPhoebe Wilson
Suky is a really encouraging and excellent driving instructor. I always felt comfortable and confident driving with her, and we always had a nice chat whilst she taught me everything in a really helpful and digestible way. Suky was always keen to go over things I felt unsure about, as well as doing lots of mock tests to prepare me for the real thing. This meant I had lots of practice in all the manoeuvres and skills needed for both my driving test and general technique after passing my test. It was a really positive experience learning with Suky and I have already recommended her to all my friends - and would to anyone else interested!! 

Rushil PatelRushil Patel
Suky is a great and very encouraging driving instructor. Her teaching method is efficient at working over mistakes you might make by actually explaining the mistake in detail, helping you get pass ready in no time. The environment during lessons was casual, comfortable and patient which really helps ease any nerves you might have, and ultimately improved my confidence driving. Id highly recommend Suky to anyone who wants to pass their driving test but actually have a good time learning!! :)

Jeevan SangheraJeevan Sanghera
Suky is an excellent driving instructor, she made me feel very comfortable throughout all of my lessons, and she helped me get out of some bad driving habits formed with a previous instructor, she was very patient and helped me develop my driving and overall confidence on the road making fast progress with my overall driving and manoeuvres, going into the test I felt very confident knowing I had very good knowledge on most possible test routes and certain junctions covered with Suky in lessons which led to an overall good experience helping me to pass first time with two minors, I would highly recommend Suky to anyone!

Kajal PatelKajal Patel
I started my experience with Suky in Jan 2023 and she took me on after having been with 3 other driving instructors with whom I had taken a test with and failed. Honestly she is a miracle worker. From the very first lesson she made me feel comfortable and confident in my driving. Having a driving lesson didn’t feel like a chore it was fun having my weekly chats and updates on life. We used to learn and have a giggle all at the same time. Every time I made any mistakes or error she always remained calm and made sure that I knew where I went wrong and mostly importantly how to correct it instead of telling me that it was just wrong. Before Coming to Suky I did have prior driving knowledge but didn’t feel confident in myself she was the only one who made me confident in driving and that I had the ability to pass. Throughout the entire process she always found ways to make feel calm about my test, I am the type of person to worry and get nervous so to face that she always knew how to get through to me and reassure me that it was all okay. The day that I passed I think we both almost cried !!! Long time coming.

For anyone who has or hasn’t had experience she is a 10/10 instructor and would definitely recommend to others she has everything you need in a driving instructor. I am lucky I found her when I did kinda wished I found her from the start. I am actually going to miss my lessons with her so much she is the best and I cant say enough good things about her :)

Ella LambertElla Lambert
Suky is one of the best teachers I have ever had. From the moment I sat in the car , I felt at ease with Suky despite being extremely nervous before my first lesson. Not only did she teach me everything I needed to know in order to pass my test but also gave me extra tips and information along the way to becoming a confident and ‘real life’ driver that weren’t part of it. She explained everything so well and was extremely patient- I would recommend Suky to anyone who wants to feel comfortable but confident whilst learning to drive!

Anna WAnna W
Suky is an excellent driving instructor who helped me to pass with confidence on the roads. I really enjoyed our lessons, we would chat while driving and she made me feel very comfortable. I miss our weekly updates! She taught me everything I needed to know for the test quickly and we spent the rest of the time practising and ensuring I was ready to take the test. This meant I was experienced at doing different manoeuvres and road types when I passed. She was recommended to me by a few different friends and I know why!!

Sadat AhmedSadat Ahmed
Suky took me on in October with very little time left before my test. From day one, she was extremely friendly and polite. Although I had prior driving experience, Suky’s knowledge and understanding made me ready for my test. She was clear with all instructions and really focusses on everything needed to pass with flying colours. It was amazing learning with her and I definitely recommend. 

Karina Karina
Suky was my last and BEST instructor! I had a couple more after covid and throughout college, but none of them were as good as Suky! She encouraged me and gave me confidence as I drove for the first time in a very long time. She is so incredibly patient and kind whenever explaining my mistakes. Making sure that I learned from them no matter the duration it took. She accomplished this by creating a learning atmosphere that was so pleasurable and comfortable, with that it inspired me and gave me the motivation to improve as a driver. I was anxious and afraid in the days before my test as I didn't know what to expect. However after expressing my thoughts and feelings to Suky, she made sure I never felt that way again. Giving me words of affirmation constantly throughout my driving and any extra lessons when I still felt unsure. I couldn’t have done it without her being the kind, caring and amazing person she is! Will miss my lessons with her and anyone who hasn’t had a chance to learn with Suky truly truly missed out!! 10/10 stars ALWAYS!! :)

Sammy DuxburySammy Duxbury
Suky was my one and only driving instructor, however I feel like she was the best person to help me pass. When I first started I felt nervous to get into a car and actually have the responsibility to myself of driving a car, however Suky made me feel confident in the car but also confident in myself and my ability to drive. After a nervous start I feel like I really progressed throughout my weeks of driving and am now a confident driver who enjoys time behind the wheel. Without the help and reassurance of Suky I believe I would not have passed so soon, as she allowed me to understand that driving wasn’t just about your car and your point of view but its also about the space and environment around you. This allowed me to look further ahead to prevent me from causing any hazards or driving too fast. Overall a great experience and my Tuesday afternoon will never feel the same without my driving lessons. Sammy

Jack DuerdenJack Duerden
I previously had experience with another instructor before swapping to Suky and she is head and shoulders above, a perfect balance between a comfortable and easy going learning environment, while also ensuring you get the most out of every lesson. She tailored the lessons to focus on any areas that need improvement as well as building on strengths. I passed first time with 1 minor, and would recommend Suky to anyone, regardless of what stage of learning you are in.

Aasha Aasha
Suky is an amazing driving instructor that filled me with confidence when learning and helped me pass my driving test first time. When struggling with different aspects of driving Suky reassured me and make me feel confidence in myself. Suky's lessons are informative and structured, and she is more than happy to go over any part of driving again if you are unsure or need a recap. Suky provides varied ways of teaching such as using printed information sheets and using the LDC driving skills workbook. Suky is also very knowledgeable with the areas we drove around and skilled and quick acting if there are any problems. She always tries to find the best times for your driving lessons and is reasonably flexible. Suky is always friendly, caring and supportive. I will definitely miss our lovely chats and thank you. Aasha.

Suky is an absolutely wonderful driving instructor! She has an unparalleled ability to create a comfortable and encouraging environment which played a pivotal role in developing from a nervous driver to someone confident on the road-something I never thought I could achieve. She is always patient and understanding when you make a mistake or don’t quite grasp a concept so that you never feel embarrassed to ask a question. Every lesson was constructive and included a variety of skills so that when it came to taking my test, I felt thoroughly prepared and managed to pass first time. She is also extremely accommodating and goes above and beyond to make sure you find a time that works- she even came to find me when I had forgotten about a lesson which just shows how caring and lovely she is. I never thought I would come to enjoy driving as I initially found it daunting and nerve-wracking with my first instructor, but with Suky I was relaxed and always had a laugh thanks to her comforting and fun nature- now I drive any chance I can get! I am incredibly grateful to Suky, she is the best driving instructor I could have hoped for, and I would definitely recommend her! Thank you for everything :)

Oliver De Vincent- HumphreysOliver De Vincent- Humphreys
I’ve been learning to drive for just over a year, I was recommended to Suky as an instructor through a friend and stuck at it till I passed. She has been a great teacher who pushed me to be more confident in my ability to drive and knew when I was ready for the next step. Friendly, chatty, well priced and flexible with times. For beginner drivers of any age, I would certainly recommend. Thank you for the experience!

Max ScottMax Scott
5 star rating. Taught me a lot in my driving lessons. Very calm drives and helped me pass my test.

Suky was an excellent instructor. I had one other instructor before Suky where not much progress was made however with Suky my driving rapidly improved lesson after lesson. Suky is very calm and helpful when driving and never makes you feel stressed if you’ve done something wrong while driving. I would recommend Suky to anyone looking to learn to drive.

James RigbyJames Rigby
I was very underprepared for a test I had booked even though I had been with an other instructor, upon having lessons with Suky my driving improved rapidly and I managed to pass first time! Suky is a great teacher and person highly recommend.

Zarin MiahZarin Miah
Suky is an excellent driving instructor who has always made me feel comfortable. She's always very patient, calm and extremely reliable. Her relaxed and supportive approach always made me feel comfortable whilst driving and she never hesitated to help me with any issues or questions I had. She has definitely boosted my confidence and I no longer feel nervous at all when I'm behind the wheel. She always adapted her techniques to suit me. I always felt the environment was positive and supportive and I never felt uneasy. The lessons were always engaging and Suky is very easy to chat too whilst driving. She always tried her best to fit me into a lesson according to my schedule. Overall I couldn't recommend her more! Thank you for everything.

Suky has been the best driving instructor I could’ve asked for. She always made me feel at ease and let me go at my own pace all the time. She was very understanding when I got overwhelmed or messed up on something and then went through it with me afterwards making sure I got the hang of it. Suky is such a kind person who made my lessons so enjoyable and fun, which definitely helped make driving less of a daunting experience and more like something I looked forward to every week! Suky made me feel a lot more confident behind the wheel which helped me a lot during my driving test. I would recommend her to everyone as she is such a perfect driving instructor! Any learner would be lucky to have her, and I am so grateful that I had her as my instructor.

Tiana DhesiTiana Dhesi
Suky is an excellent driving instructor who put me at ease and made me feel comfortable from my very first lesson. Her overall teaching style and patience is what resulted in me to pass first time! Every lesson was adapted and suited to my weaknesses, whilst making sure I had a firm understanding of what was being taught, allowing me to progress fairly quickly. Not only did she help me with the practical side of driving due to her in depth knowledge, but also helped me with my confidence and ensured this was improving each lesson. Overall, Suky is a kind and welcoming person who you can always have a laugh with! Her personality made the lessons and my driving experience so much more enjoyable and relaxed. I will forever be grateful for everything Suky has done and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Louise HaywoodLouise Haywood
As someone that is a bit of an older learner (29/30) and had gone through multiple driving instructors, and was very anxious behind the wheel I knew driving was going to come as a massive challenge. I emailed Suky after having her recommended by local people online - asking if they new of an instructor that would be able to accommodate a very nervous learner, and I was a bit sceptical but willing to give it a go.

Suky got back very quickly and was happy to meet me for a trial lesson. As soon as I met her she made me feel very much at ease. Even though I was not at all confident, her kind but no-nonsense approach was just what I needed. I did still struggle with driving, but I really enjoyed every lesson and the unlimited patience Suky had with me. She is the kind of instructor you can have a laugh with but she does get you out of your comfort zone (when you are ready) and is a very understanding and empathetic person. I can imagine even if you aren’t nervous she will match your energy, and is happy for you to take the lead as well as lead more herself.

The transformation from someone that absolutely hated driving lessons and would end up not wanting to go again, being ready to give up on driving all together (when I was with other instructors) to genuinely enjoying them with Suky was something I didn’t expect to happen, but by the end of the lessons with Suky I actually feel confident to drive on the road and can’t wait to get my own car!

I had a unique experience too because I only practiced with Suky due to having no family close by, and every practice she was always so helpful, she is really knowledgable about what she does. I feel like I got a master course in driving - and passing second time with only a few minors speaks for itself!

I will miss the lessons, as well as Suky’s many pep talks which I certainly needed. I’m sure most people would do great with Suky but especially if you are a nervous driver or the type of person that stays in your comfort zone, I can’t recommend Suky enough.

Alaria Alaria
Suky is an excellent driving instructor who helped me to pass my test the second time with only one minor! She is a patient teacher and always makes sure you understand and feel comfortable with everything, and for someone such as myself that would sometimes get overwhelmed whilst driving this was very much appreciated. I found the lessons really helped me to become a confident driver due to Suky pushing me to progress when I was ready and offering both constructive criticism and praise. I'm very grateful as Suky made each lesson very enjoyable because she is not only professional but also great to talk to - I would highly recommend her to any learner.

Ridhwan ChoudhuryRidhwan Choudhury
When it comes to being a teacher, Suky is the complete package. She has improved my skills to the point where, after multiple months of training, I feel comfortable driving on any road, including difficult roundabouts. She not only assisted me with the technical aspects of driving but also greatly boosted my confidence and driving skills, which previously I did not have. I enjoyed every lesson I had with Suky which is all thanks to her wonderful personality and great teaching. In addition to making the courses fast and enjoyable, she was able to establish a welcoming and enjoyable environment for me to learn in. Thank you Suky for everything.

Learning to drive with Suky was an amazing experience! In just six months, she helped me pass my driving test on first time!! Suky made me feel so comfortable in the car from the first lesson and she tailored the lessons to my needs and adapted her teaching style to help me grasp concepts easily. Her flexibility, understanding, and overall lovely personality made the experience even better. I highly recommend Suky as a driving instructor!

Suky is the best instructor I could’ve hoped for. As someone who started lessons feeling pretty nervous I never would have imagined I’d be passing my test in well under a year, let alone first time. From the get go she put me at ease and made me feel comfortable while slowly improving my confidence. She knew when to push to encourage new skills without causing overwhelm. Every lesson was enjoyable and I found myself really looking forward to them each week as opposed to dreading them (as I’ve found to do in the past). She has a lot of patience and a great depth of knowledge and is overall a joy to be around. She is kind, comforting, reliable and fun, and anyone would be lucky to have her as an instructor. Thanks for everything Suky!

Manisha Manisha
Suky is an outstanding driving instructor who always made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. As a complete beginner with no prior driving experience, I was nervous about learning to drive, but Suky made me feel completely at ease from day one. She was incredibly patient, kind, and understanding, and she always took the time to explain everything thoroughly and answer any questions I had. Her calm and reassuring demeanor helped me feel confident and relaxed during every lesson, and I felt fully prepared for my driving test thanks to her guidance. I highly recommend Suky to anyone looking for a friendly, professional and experienced driving instructor.

Thanks for everything,

Harry Harry
Suky has it all when it comes to being an instructor. After 6 months of training, she has developed my skills to a standard where I feel confident on any road, even the Coventry ring road. Not only did she help me with the physical side to driving, but she also improved my confidence tenfold, which had been knocked by moments in the past. Lastly, I enjoyed every lesson I had with Suky which is owing to her great personality. She managed to create a comfortable and enjoyably environment whilst also making the lessons efficient and effective. Thanks for everything Suky!

Passed 1st time
Suky has been a excellent driving instructor and helped me to pass first time! She is supportive and makes you feel comfortable when in driving lessons but simultaneously pushes you to do more and more every week . She ensures you are making fast progress but also is patient and makes sure you are technically correct with the driving skill too. The driving lessons were fun and engaging and I always did a mix of different skills in a lesson. I will miss our lessons lots and thank you again for making me a confident driver as well as just someone who can drive :) I would highly recommend Suky as someone who will help you pass your test quickly and confidently, whilst also having a laugh every lesson!!

Molly StoneMolly Stone
Suky literally helped me pass from never driving EVER to passing my second test, in less than a year, with only 1 minor! If that’s not enough evidence that she is the best driving instructor around. Suky has an amazing way of teaching, she pushes you to do a little bit extra every time you get in the car, which made it not only a quick experience but a memorable one! You can chat about anything and everything with ease so you don’t even feel awkward with her and it makes the lessons a lot easier to get through. Learning to drive is a massive stepping stone in life and I’m so glad that I chose Suky to have been my instructor, I will miss our lessons so much :( THANKYOU!!

Sophie Sophie
Passed 1st time
Suky has been the best driving instructor i could have asked for. She is incredibly attentive and ensures you understand exactly why you’re completing every action. She is ,also, calm and explains concepts very well such as manoeuvres. Not only has she helped me gain skill but she is very easy to chat to whilst driving which is incredibly useful to help you relax and drive your best. If you are at all nervous to drive, Suky is understanding and empathetic. I could not recommend her more.

Aisha SaddiqaAisha Saddiqa
I passed first time and I don’t think i would’ve been able to do so without Suky! I looked forward to every driving lesson because as well as learning we had the best therapy sessions ever. She was always calm & collective with her approach and explained everything with clarity, I always felt comfortable with her. I really appreciated her years of experience and knowledge which lead me to successfully reach this milestone in my life. As a person Suky was my teacher that become a friend who I’ll never forget, couldn’t have asked for anyone to be more supportive. Learn to drive with Suky if you want to be a good driver! Wish you all the best on your driving journey if you’re reading this.

Being taught by Suky has been an amazing experience. I started having lessons with Suky after not making much progress with my first instructor. From the first lesson she made me feel comfortable, and explained everything to me in a way that made sense. I instantly felt like I was making more progress, and felt I was able to ask questions and learn from my mistakes. Not only is Suky a lovely and friendly person, she also has a great style of teaching that made me feel well prepared for my driving test. Thanks to her calmness and reassurance on the day of my test, I was able to pass first time! I would highly recommend having lessons with Suky, as she has provided me with a fun and valuable experience that I will definitely miss- thank you Suky!

Abbie Abbie
Suky has made me feel comfortable and confident with my driving. She has been reliable and her advice has been invaluable. She listens to your individual needs and situation. She has a great way of explaining things without knocking your confidence! I would highly recommend Suky to anyone trying to pass their driving test :)

Grace CollettGrace Collett
Suky is a brilliant driving instructor - a calming presence who always boosts confidence on the road. Her excellent teaching never faulted from a complete beginner on my first lesson to the hour before my test.

The wide variety of skills she imparted made me excited for every lesson. Although the anticipation may have created some nerves her calmness and confidence in me helped overcome the anxiety. This is why she is an amazing choice for a first time driving instructor who is fully capable of taking the nervous driver to passing first time.

Suky is a welcoming and kind person who always makes sure you are comfortable. While always being up for a good chat - she consistently goes over the important skills and soon you will see improvement without even realising!

Thank you very much, Suky, for everything. I felt fully prepared for my test and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Izzy JonesIzzy Jones
Suky has been an amazing driving instructor, helping me to pass quickly and confidently. Having no driving knowledge before our first lesson, I was very apprehensive and she made me feel instantly comfortable. Very quickly, I was getting more comfortable on the roads thanks to her patience and guidance. I was eager to learn and pass quickly, and Suky was excellent at adapting and fitting in with me. She pushed me each week and gave me so much advice so that I was comfortable driving with my parents. I never felt embarrassed by making mistakes as she is so calm and encouraging whilst still correcting me and encouraging to ask questions! She helped me grow in confidence beyond what I thought was possible and I am truly grateful for that. Your personable approach made lessons very enjoyable and I will miss our weekend catchups! I would recommend Suky to anyone - thank you so much!

Reena AujlaReena Aujla
Suky has been the most amazing driving instructor! I previously had a couple of driving teachers in the past but Suky is the only instructor I felt comfortable and confident with. Suky is very patient, adaptable and has such a lovely presence. I had a lot of anxiety about driving for years and I genuinely believe I only was able to get past that as a result of have Suky teach me.

Suky is extremely professional, reliable and really made learning how to drive an enjoyable and memorable experience. I am so grateful I was able to be taught by her.

I would recommend her to absolutely everybody!! I am already missing my lessons with her because she is so hilarious and lovely x

Emily RobertsonEmily Robertson
Suky is a brilliant driving instructor and I owe so much of my confidence on the road to her calm, warm and clear way of teaching.

I always looked forward to our lessons as I felt myself progressing every time, and also because we always had a good chat!

She’s a friendly, warm and really caring person, a great choice for anyone who is a bit anxious about driving. She always really listened to what I wanted to work on and made sure I felt comfortable that we had covered everything before going to my test. I really can’t recommend her highly enough! Thank you, Suky!

Annie HuttonAnnie Hutton
Passed 1st time
I would recommend Suky to anyone, she is an amazing driving instructor with a personal yet professional approach to each one of her students.

I felt comfortable and at ease from my first lesson and she helped correct the bad habits I had picked up from practicing driving with my family immediately.

Suky’s patience and knowledge gave me so much confidence in my driving abilities, which lead to me passing first time! I felt listened to in every lesson as Suky would ask me which areas I felt I needed to work on and she always advised how I could improve as well. Suky even catered her parallel parking technique to suit me.

I can’t thank Suky enough and I am truly grateful for her support during my time with her. I didn’t just learn in my lessons, I thoroughly enjoyed them and will really miss you picking me up on a Monday Suky!😢

Rebecca JanotaRebecca Janota
Learning to drive with Suky was really enjoyable. She was always calm and relaxed, regardless of the situation. I felt really safe in the car and she was very encouraging, helping me to build up my confidence as I progressed. She has a lovely manner and never makes you feel bad if you make mistakes, actively encouraging you to ask lots of questions. She knew when to push me and the lessons were the right level of difficulty. She has really high standards and this ensures that you are more than prepared for your test - and it shows because I passed first time! I would recommend Suky to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Puja MistryPuja Mistry
Suky has been an absolutely amazing driving instructor. She is a wonderful, compassionate and caring person who is incredibly supportive. I was able to progress efficiently and at a pace that I was comfortable with. She always gave clear and well explained instruction. If there was anything that I didn’t understand I always felt comfortable enough to ask for further help and guidance. With Suky’s encouragement and direction I feel comfortable and secure whilst driving. Despite having my driving lessons paused due to COVID I still was able to return to driving maintain my confidence while driving. I would recommend Suky to anyone looking for a driving instructor. Thank you for your patience and direction. I will miss your company and our chats. You are the best instructor that I could ask for.

I would highly recommend Suky to anyone looking to start learning to drive.

After going through two other instructors I started with Suky, straight away she made me feel at ease and made sure I had complete knowledge of what I was doing. She gives you confidence and pushes you when needed. Suky is easy to talk to and it feels as though you’re driving with a friend rather than an instructor. She stuck by me and encouraged me throughout my whole time learning with her. There are no cut corners she makes sure you know and are comfortable with everything.

I’ll miss having lessons with Suky but I am so grateful for all she has taught me and the extra effort she always put in to make sure I was driving to the best of my abilities. Hands down one of the best driving instructors around, thank you so much Suky!

First Time Pass
I'm very pleased that I passed first time after driving lessons with Suky. She was always very calm, gave clear instructions and made sure that I learnt new things every lesson. She progressed me efficiently and at a pace that I was comfortable with. Also, she managed to take me on my driving test even at short notice. Finally, she is a friendly character which makes the driving learner experience more enjoyable. Thanks, Suky!

Liyyah PatelLiyyah Patel
Suky has given me the best driving experience possible, personalising and adapting each lesson to my needs and abilities. She always ensured I understood everything and would create a environment where I was able to comfortably and easily seek help when needed. She has always gone the extra mile, pushing me to do my best. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Yamna ParadisYamna Paradis
Just want to give a big massive thank you to Suky Badhan. She is a wonderful instructor who shows compassion, dedication and patience to her students. I have been on a long road to learning to drive and I am so glad that I managed to succeed with Suky's helping hand. Would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to have a successful journey to passing their driving test.

Anika BiAnika Bi
A massive thank you to Suky, she’s been absolutely brilliant! I came to her, having had 10 lessons already with another instructor, yet still so clueless about everything. I was very anxious and panicky at the start, but Suky walked me through it all in a very easy to understand manner and helped me build confidence in myself and whilst driving. We formed a great bond which also helped me a great deal! She was very patient, easy going and encouraging. I always felt relaxed in her presence. Highly highly recommend her to anyone who wants be a good driver on road and not just for the test!

Elizabeth DalbyElizabeth Dalby
Suky made my learning experience easy and stress free. I had no previous knowledge or even a basic understanding of cars but that didn’t effect me at all. From my first lesson, Suky had already taught me so much about the fundamentals of driving. By learning  the simple mechanics, it really helped me to visualise the components of the car and how they work. Because of Suky’s patience, it didn’t take long for me to gain confidence on the road. I made many mistakes/misjudgments but Suky was always ready to reassure and to explain how and what went wrong. I can understand a new drivers anxiety about meeting a new person and taking on this seemingly long processes of learning how to drive. With Suky, time flew by and before I knew it I passed my test. For anyone looking for a premium learning experience I would highly recommend her. 

Imogen DeoImogen Deo
Suky was an excellent instructor who made the lessons fun, enjoyable yet pushes you to your best ability in an approach that made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence when driving. I have always looked forward to my lessons as I loved learning new things when driving and gaining more and more confidence behind the wheel which Suky helped me with as she had put that faith into me. The lessons are the best balance of constructive yet fun and that is purely down to the nature of Suky, she has always made me feel at ease and not anxious when driving which is so important when driving. Due to Covid-19 booking a test and finding tests were difficult however Suky was always on it with providing updates, due to being at university and Covid-19 finding a test for an appropriate time seemed impossible to me however Suky helped me keep on a look out and once I had got my date she was very efficient with booking me in for driving lessons and helping me build up my confidence before my test. I am going to miss lessons with Suky as it was always something I had looked forward to. I highly recommend Suky to anyone that is wanting to learn to drive I could not have had a better instructor!

Adam WyattAdam Wyatt
I would highly recommend Suky as a driving instructor and have really enjoyed my lessons over the past few months. I passed 1st time. I felt comfortable and at ease driving from the first to the last lesson and will miss them each week. Thank you Suky for all your help and support!

Katie LloydKatie Lloyd
I never thought I’d be able to drive until I had lessons with Suky, she supports you so much but gives you the push you need at the exact right times. I have quite bad anxiety especially with driving but I passed my test first time after only 29 hours with Suky, and I’m forever grateful for her for helping me achieve something I always thought would be out of reach! She’ll never just take your money for herself, she truly wants the best for her students and does all she can to help them build confidence naturally on the road. I felt like I’d known Suky for years when I first met her, as she’s so easy to talk to and makes you feel so comfortable, within just a couple of lessons it felt like I was driving with a friend next to me and even since passing I feel like I can just chat to her! I definitely recommend Suky to anyone who’s thinking about learning to drive, it’s so worth taking the plunge even if you’re a bit hesitant like I was. Suky will ensure you’re ready for absolutely anything the road has to throw at you! 5/5 stars for sure!

I highly recommend Suky as a driving instructor. I passed first time even though I had struggled with driving and was super anxious. She is patient and encouraging but also pushes you to do your best which really worked for me. She’s also great company which is important when you spend so much time together, I’ll actually miss my lessons now I’ve passed! I’m so grateful to Suky for helping me so much and making sure I was ready for my test. I still can’t believe I passed, let alone passed first time! Thanks Suky, you’re a superstar! 

Passed 1st time
Suky is an excellent instructor. Her guidance and feedback is always constructive and helpful. She makes sure you know everything you need to be safe and confident on the road and pass your test. I came to her after starting to learn with a different instructor and am so glad I did. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Jake DickinsonJake Dickinson
I can highly recommend Suky, from Jakes first lesson she made him feel at ease. Myself, Jakes grandmother and Suky worked together getting Jake to a high standard, Suky doing all the hard work. Jake was nervous to start with but soon over come his nerves and passed his driving test. Can't thank Suky enough for all her input we could not of done it without her.

Suky is a wonderful driving instructor! I was quite apprehensive when first starting out with learning to drive but she put me at ease straight away in the first lesson and got me to love driving! She is very calm, explains everything well and offers helpful constructive tips to improve which really built my confidence. She made every lesson fun, through her friendly nature …really made an effort to chat to you and get to know you, making it a super comfortable environment. She also made the situation with Covid and cancelled driving tests less stressful by giving regular updates and communication with what was going on! As well as being flexible when it came to booking in lessons which worked really well with me working full time! I really couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, highly recommend!

Tonycher MarshallTonycher Marshall
Suky is an amazing driving instructor, I highly recommend her. She is very patient, supportive and most importantly encouraging. She instantly makes you feel at ease and has helped grow my confidence not only on the road but as a person by making me in myself! I will be forever grateful. Thank you :)

I would highly recommend Suky as a driving instructor! She is a lovely, bubbly instructor and our lessons were never boring. I was nervous at first to start driving but Suky helped me feel calm and confident, she always gave great constructive feedback and would tailor the lessons for you. She was also always very flexible and on time for the lessons, I'll miss having lessons with her!

Max PainterMax Painter
Passed first time!
Suky was brilliant from start to finish. She took me on at very short notice and in a very small amount of time got me test ready, building on my previous driving experience. She was able to go through all aspects of driving in depth and with easy-to-follow steps that kept me engaged and progressing rapidly. Furthermore she made the lessons enjoyable by being such a friendly, bubbly person while maintaining a good balance so that she could continue to give me constructive criticisms that allowed me to pass first time. Thank you Suky!

Anisha Aggarwal
Passed 1st time
After lockdown I’d had a huge break from driving and from the first lesson Suky was amazing at easing me back into driving but helping me make quick, effective progress! I felt really well prepared for the test day having practiced everything in depth with Suky. I really enjoyed our lessons as Suky’s such a bubbly, kind person. I’d recommend Suky to any learner! Thank you so much Suky for a great learning experience!

Krishan PatelKrishan Patel
Pass first time with 0 minors
Suky was a great instructor. From lesson one till the very end she was extremely patient and made me feel at ease whilst at the wheel. She planned every lesson well and was never late. During the lessons, there was never a dull moment as Suky is always up for a laugh but serious when necessary. Although my test took longer than expected due to COVID and an ankle break, I was still able to pass first time with 0 minors. This was all due to the materials and guidance Suky provided me. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning in the Warwick/Coventry area. :)

Holly Jeffereis-ReadmanHolly Jeffereis-Readman
Passed 1st time
I knew nothing about driving when I started and Suky made me feel confident behind the wheel. Things were going great, put in for my test and then COVID hit and all tests cancelled, this happened twice. I continued with my lessons when it was safe to do so following the government guidelines. Suky made sure the car was sanitised before and after the lesson.

Finally test day arrived, i passed and I’m so pleased. It was all down to the great teaching and support of Suky.

Would highly recommend, first class instructor.

Having not driven a car in nearly 8 months and having failed my first test attempt, returning to driving was something I almost dreaded. However, after my friend suggested that I change instructors and start lessons with Suky, getting my driving back up to scratch became far less daunting. Suky is definitely the best driving instructor I have had and is always very encouraging. She is very patient and down-to-earth, striking just the right balance between being friendly and offering constructive criticism. As someone who can be a nervous driver, Suky gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. If you're looking for a driving instructor then I can't recommend Suky enough!

Shannon SidhuShannon Sidhu
Suky is a fantastic driving instructor. Suky put me at ease from my very first driving lesson. She is patient and calm. She made me feel confident. I gained confidence with every lesson. Even with COVID-19 Suky adapted and was always very accommodating. I’m very lucky to have had such a great instructor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suky to anyone.

Passed first time
From my first lesson with Suky, I knew driving lessons were going to be enjoyable and easy. Early on, I knew little to nothing about driving but she was able to break down the basics and make it a lot more understandable for me. She diffused stressful or difficult situations calmly which enabled me to progress and learn from my previous mistakes. Additionally, Suky is friendly and easy to get along with. She made the environment comfortable so that I could ask questions with no hesitation. I definitely looked forward to her lessons and would highly recommend Suky to anyone! Despite the struggles during coronavirus and lockdown, I managed to pass my test first time with just under 30 lessons!

Passed first time
I'm so grateful to Suky for helping me finally pass my test after over ten years of learning! I'm in my early 30s and I've learnt with quite a few instructors on and off over the years. I'm a very nervous driver but Suky helped me gain the confidence I needed to finally book my test and pass first time! She's a calming, patient instructor and a lovely, friendly person who immediately put me at ease. When things do go wrong she never gets frustrated, but she deals with issues pragmatically and helps work on your weaknesses to make sure you're ready for test day. I've always dreaded lessons before but it goes to show a change of instructor makes a world of difference, and I'd highly recommend Suky to anyone learning to drive!

Ricki Bagri Ricki Bagri
Having left driving lessons over 10 years ago, I was starting to think maybe I’m not made to drive. From my very first lesson with Suky, she instilled confidence in me and lessons were both fun and challenging in equal measure. A lovely woman whose lessons I will miss!

Reena BhueeReena Bhuee
Suky is by far the best driving instructor I have ever had and I would not have passed my test without her. After failing my test twice before with two different instructors I felt like giving up on driving and that it wasn’t meant to be. However as soon as I started having my lessons with Suky she really gave me the help and confidence that I needed and believed in me every step of the way. She is an excellent instructor who is very calm and patient and her teaching methods are fantastic. My driving lessons with Suky were always something that I looked forward too and she would never fail to make me laugh or smile every time. I will miss having lessons with Suky very much and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

I passed my test for the first time thanks to Suky. She’s always encouraging and calm which in turn made me feel more confident in my driving. I felt very relaxed during lessons with her and found myself looking forward to each lesson as she’s so easy to get along with. If you’re looking for a driving instructor I’d 100% recommend Suky!

Tameem ChowdhuryTameem Chowdhury
Suky is a great instructor and without her I don’t think I would’ve passed my driving test. Not only did she explain everything thoroughly, but she would always make it comfortable for me to ask any questions. Whenever I made an error she would always either get me to figure out what I did wrong or explain to me the mistake I made and how I could prevent doing the same next time, making me a much better driver. She covered all the areas with me and would often give me a heads up on what we were going to do the next week, giving me time to prepare for the next lesson, this helped me progress faster as she didn’t have to waste as much time at the start of the lesson explaining which in turn meant I had more time driving during my lessons. Overall Suky is definitely the best instructor for you and will make sure you pass your driving test with ease.

Reneece DhesiReneece Dhesi
A huge thankyou to Suky for teaching me how to drive and helping me to pass my driving test. With being away at university, the challenge of trying to learn how to drive felt almost unachievable, however, Suky was very patient and always tailored our lessons to focus on my weakest areas, giving me the best possible chance of passing my test. She made me feel at ease during our lessons and always provided constructive feedback at the end of each lesson. Overall, a great instructor and one you can have a laugh with. Would highly recommend her to any learner driver!

Suky is most certainly the best driving instructor I could have hoped for. Her patience, professionalism and communication skills are exemplary. Her instructions were always clear and she was very quick to point out any mistakes I might have made during lessons, after these mistakes she always helped me understand how and why I went wrong; how to move on from them. Furthermore her precautions taken due to the coronavirus pandemic have left me feeling truly comfortable and safe during lessons. On top of all this Suky has been great company during lessons and is always punctual and flexible when it comes to lesson times. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Passed 1st time
If it wasn’t for Suky, I wouldn’t have passed first time! Suky is a very patient instructor as she focused on areas I needed to perfect, allowing me to learn from my mistakes with ease. She made my lessons so enjoyable as we had good laughs and chats, whilst keeping me calm when I had any anxious worries. I always felt comfortable driving with Suky as she altered her lessons to suit me, focusing on my weaknesses – especially parallel parking! Suky always assured me that I can do it, helping me with my confidence in driving, and sure enough I did do it, first time!! She always encouraged me whenever I had doubts within myself and I can honestly say that she is the perfect driving instructor – I highly recommend!

Jess TwiggerJess Twigger
I passed my test first time with Suky as my instructor. She is very good at explaining everything in a way that calms any nerves you may have when beginning to drive. I really enjoyed all of my lessons as Suky is very easy to talk to, it feels like you're talking to a friend rather than just an instructor and I will miss our talks. I would highly recommend Suky to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor.

Suky is the reason I passed 1st time! She made me feel so comfortable when driving and is an amazing teacher! Shes so patient and her advice was always so constructive. The lessons were always structured to exactly what I needed - not spending too long on what I picked up quickly whilst perfecting the parts I stuggled with. She never let me get into bad habits, and never got frustrated with me when I slipped up. Perfect driving instructor!!!

Ruth PontinRuth Pontin
I am so pleased I chose Suky to be my driving instructor. Although it took me 3 attempts to pass, Suky was always patient, encouraging and constructive. Her teaching methods were positive and adapted to the pace of the learner, but Suky also knows when to push you into taking that next step. I am very grateful for the confidence Suky had in my driving and the support she gave which helped my gain confidence in myself as a learning driver. It finally paid off. Many thanks to Suky, who I would definitely recommend.

I have had three different driving instructors and I have to say that Suky has been the absolute best. I put off driving for a very very long time as I was so nervous. However, after taking lessons with Suky I found myself looking forward to my lessons and driving. She made me feel comfortable and was very patient with me. I was with Suky for about three years as I was always on and off with my lessons due to personal reasons but Suky never gave up on me and encouraged me to continue my driving.  I have to say without her I would have not had the confidence to take my test and pass. I would recommend Suky for sure, I actually already have people wanting to take lessons with her. More than an instructor Suky had become a really good friend and that’s rare to find in an instructor. As happy as I am I have passed I can honestly say I will miss my lessons with her.

Jake KeableJake Keable
After moving to Suky in august I became more confident whilst driving and I learned more in the first few lessons with her than I did with my previous instructor in ten lessons. I enjoyed learning with Suky because there was never a negative atmosphere and she was always positive and never got angry or frustrated that I could see. I passed 1st time and would recommend Suky to anyone who is looking for thorough but enjoyable lessons.

Nathan McNultyNathan McNulty
Suky is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor with a lovely personality. She never shouts or gets annoyed, demonstrating that she is an extremely patient teacher for people of all skill levels! Would definitely be my first choice recommendation for anyone looking to pass their test with flying colours!

Sam BirchSam Birch
I didn't start learning to drive until my mid-30s and so I was really nervous when I started, but Suky was fantastic. She had the right mix of reassurance on the one hand, while challenging me to improve on the other. She was also good fun to chat to and made me feel relaxed behind the wheel much quicker than I would have thought possible. To my complete surprise, I passed first time after only 6 months - something that wouldn't have been possible without Suky's patience, skill and support. Thank you so much Suky!

Risha MistryRisha Mistry
Suky is everything you would want in an instructor. She is a combonation of funny and talkative, aswell as providing you with all the confidence you would need on the roads. Driving was something I used to dread until I began with Suky, as her enthusiasm and motivation made me look forward to each lesson. Suky and I got on really well which really had an influence on my confidence when driving. She made me feel comfortable enough to ask any questions or go over anything I did not fully understand. Thank you so much for all your help Suky, I will definitely miss your company! Highly recommend!

Shakira ClarkeShakira Clarke
Passed 1st time
Suky is a brilliant driving instructor!! if you're looking for someone who is professional but down to earth and pushes you to get things done then she is 100% your woman! I was not the most motivated and reliable student but after finding out i was pregnant we both made extra effort to get me passed before my baby was due. I passed first time at 8 months pregnant!! Thankyou so much Suky! I would not have managed it without a completely comfortable atmosphere and belief that I could actually do it, you are the best at what you do and i will be recommending you to everyone i know!!

I am very happy that I passed my driving test first time! I would like to say thank you for Suky for being such an excellent driving instructor, helping me progress and for making every lesson I had enjoyable. Suky made me feel confident in the car and I felt like I progressed week by week. Suky and I got on really well and she made me feel really relaxed in the car. I cannot recommend her enough! She has given me so much support, was always reliable and was very caring. She always wanted the best for me! The lessons were always really fun with Suky and the mock test she did with me was a great help as I knew what I could improve on and what I did well. After having an operation on my leg I was nervous to get back into driving. I am grateful that Suky really encouraged me, made me feel confident and kept me motivated to get back into driving again. I always looked forward to every lesson I had with her and I always came away from every lesson with constructive feedback that was very useful on helping me improve. Thank you Suky for all that you did for me. I am going to miss our chats and laughs! You are the best instructor I could have ever asked for.

Manikandan BalasundaramManikandan Balasundaram
I am happy that I passed in my very first attempt to license after starting to learn driving a car with Suky a few months back. I had just around 30 lessons covering all the essential manoeuvres not only for the test but also to manage critical situations on road which may arise anytime. Suky is very methodical in teaching and she designs the lessons based on the student's experience with driving. She is very friendly and accomodative and cleared my doubts with driving in general and towards preparation for the test. I took two mock tests and I gradually reduced my mistakes where she explained in detail and made me realise my errors while driving which helped me a lot in getting ready for the test. Overall, I am very confident that I can drive safely on roads throughout my life after taking lessons with her. I recommend Suky to be your instructor whether you are an experienced driver or the beginner and you can hope to pass your test without many attempts.

Passed 1st time
I would like to say a huge thank you to Suky for being an exceptionally brilliant driving instructor and helping me to pass first time! She is a faultless teacher whose knowledge and expertise ensured I was fully prepared for my test. Suky always tailored her lessons to suit me around my school and work commitments and allowed me to choose specific areas of weakness to work on to build my skills and confidence. Thanks to her technique and reassurance, I can finally parallel park with ease! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience learning with Suky as she is the most kind-hearted, encouraging and approachable woman and I could always count on her to make my lessons fun and enjoyable. It was an honour to be taught by Suky and I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of the perfect driving instructor! J

Within the space of 30 lessons I passed first time with Suky. Suky is a excellent driving instructor who helps build your confidence making driving fun and easy. At times when I made mistakes she gave me positive, clear and constructive feedback allowing me to tackle these issues and become a better driver. Aswell as being a great instructor, you develop a friendship with Suky which made me feel comfortable enough to ask her plenty of questions to help my understanding and gaining in-depth feedback to improve my driving abilities. She even goes the extra mile by tailoring lessons specifically to your needs and by sending videos to help understand certain aspects of driving ready for the next lesson. Her patience, clarity of feedback and the bond you have with her sets her apart from all the other driving instructors. I would highly recommend Suky to any learners out there. Thank you very much Suky for all the great lessons.

I just want to say, a great big thank you to Suky for helping me past my driving test first time with no minors.

Suky was my last hope to find a love for driving, as I lacked confidence from my previous instructors, due to the way they taught, and she did not disappoint! Suky is truly remarkable with the amount of patience she has and the ability to teach in a memorable way, helping you achieve the skill of driving.

Learning to drive is one thing, but to be able to enjoy each and every lesson is another! Suky helped built confidence in myself and my ability to drive as she is reassuring, honest and calm which is perfect when learning to drive. Suky was there every step of the way and adapted her teaching to suit.

I am definitely going to miss Suky and her bubbly personality which is infectious. I honestly have thoroughly loved my time learning to drive and I have now found the confidence to drive independently. Thanks a million!

I would recommend Suky to anyone for driving lessons. She is the perfect combination of funny, relaxed and stern(!) She not only gave me the utmost confidence from the first lesson, she also made it so fun. The thought of driving previously seemed like a chore, but after a couple of lessons I found myself actually looking forward to it. It’s one thing teaching someone to drive, but another to give them enjoyment in it, which is what Suky does effortlessly. Each thing is explained perfectly and by the test you feel as confident as possible, in that she’s covered everything, & possibly more! I will genuinely miss her lots.

Suky is the easiest person to get along with and I couldn’t have had a better time learning how to drive with her. From day one, my lessons felt natural and progressive, and I was always given advice in a supportive way. I had to take a few long breaks during the time I was learning, but she was very accommodating towards this and I always felt comfortable getting back behind the wheel, even if it had been a while. I really recommend taking lessons with Suky. Not only will she break down driving for you and make all of it seem less daunting, but your lessons will be great fun and she’ll put you at ease every step of the way.  Thank you so much Suky! I’ll really miss our lessons.

Ibrahim AbidIbrahim Abid
I want to say a huge thank you to Suky for being such an amazing driving instructor for me. After leaving my last instructor, I was recommended Suky by a friend of mine after feeling I was not making any progress and not feeling confident at all in my driving capabilities. From taking lessons with Suky, I had felt a lot more confident and I had learnt a lot from her very quickly as we were covering all the the mistakes I was making before and looking over them in depth from all the small mistakes to big ones too. I was reassured by Suky in my situations where I wouldn’t feel very convinced with, especially on busy roundabouts, but going through the issue constructively, I had felt very self assured straight away. We were also looking at test centres in depth and I was put under mock exams, making me feel more prepared as my driving test had approached. One of the best things about having Suky as an instructor is that she was very understanding, humorous and a lovely person to be around when driving, always making me feel comfortable when driving, therefore giving huge strides of progress as each lesson went by. I will highly recommend anyone to Suky and I’m so grateful to Suky for making me pass my test and being a good driver!

I was recommended to Suky via a family friend. After failing twice with a previous instructor I decided a change of instructor would be best. When I met Suky I explained my situation and what qualities I thought my previous instructor lacked. She took all these on board and helped my driving immensely. She covers every little bit of detail and explains any big or small mistakes you may make in a way that you will understand. I had much less than 20 lessons with her and passed with great confidence on my test day. Suky is friendly, flexible, engaging and has a professional and effective teaching method.

I highly recommend her whether you're just starting or whether you're changing instructors like me. Thanks a lot for all your help and I'm so excited to drive on the roads!

Amreen Dean
I have to say with no exaggeration at all this lady right here is an awesome instructor! From my first lesson to the day of my test she assured me that I could do it! Suky helped me fight my parking monsters and was able to teach me how to accurately park, I had struggled understanding the basic logic behind parking for such a long time! Suky has the unique ability to simplify driving with her handy tips, which gave me the confidence to pull it off!

A word of warning though don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanour she can switch it up on MOCK TESTS when she becomes the feared examiner with a flick of a switch!! With all honesty this is exactly what you need to prepare for your actual test. Suky is a great teacher, with an excellent balance in her teaching method! Thank you, we did it!

Harpreet ShergillHarpreet Shergill
I would definitely recommend Suky as she helped me pass my driving test first time. We covered many test routes so I was well prepared for my test. She’s also a friendly and funny instructor so every lesson had with her is as comfortable as it is helpful. Criticism was always given in a constructive rather than harsh way so it doesn’t knock your confidence as a driver. I’m really happy I went to Suky and I’ve already recommended her to my friends!

Manpreet Manpreet
I owe it all to Suky Badhan for being such a great driving instructor. She helped me to build up my confidence and overcome my nerves as my driving test was approaching. I would definitely recommend Suky! I am glad that she was able to provide me with all the lessons that I needed. She is a patient and reliable driving instructor. I am so excited to get on the road! All thanks to Suky!

Aaron Biddle Aaron Biddle
There were absolutely zero faults when it came to being taught by Suky, everything was covered in depth, and so there were no unexpected obstacles on my test. My driving lessons were enjoyable, and I looked forward to having them every week. Suky’s was the first car I stepped into, and I passed in under 20 lessons, with only 2 minors, thanks to all the help and advice provided to myself. From day one, my confidence was boosted and I could take my lessons with great flexibility. Her knowledge of the different test routes was extensive, and all were completed with ease because of the clear instructions given. She has a professional approach, a great sense of humour, and is one of the most kind hearted and selfless individuals you will ever meet. I am extremely grateful for everything she has done and am proud to say I have had the opportunity to be taught by Suky. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an instructor, and would like to thank her again for the valuable life skills learnt.

First of all a massive Thank You to Suky for helping me to pass my driving test first time in just over 6 months! She is a very friendly and calming instructor and built my confidence quickly. Flexible with lessons that fit around my work and university timetable. I felt well prepared and calm for my test and that would not have been possible without her help! I would recommend Suky 110% to anybody who wants to start learning or even restart learning like I did! Thank you again and see you around!

Sam BeattSam Beatt
I would like to thank Suky for being an excellent driving instructor, of which i passed first time with only 15 lessons. Suky makes you feel very comfortable and gives you the confidence needed to pass your driving test as i was well prepared and very calm thanks to some great help. I would definitely recommend Suky to anybody who wants to start driving as she is very reliable and works around your lifestyle perfectly and is very understanding to any issues that may occur whilst learning. Thank you so much Suky, see you on the road :).

Passed 1st time
A massive thank you to Suky for being an incredible driving instructor and helping me pass first time. Suky is an easy-going and supportive driving instructor, with an amazing personality. Throughout my experience, she provided clear and constructive criticism, in a positive and encouraging manner. Suky was recommended to me by multiple friends and gave me the confidence and skills to become a better and safe driver. I'm so glad I decided to go with Suky and I would highly recommend as I couldn't have done it without her! Thank you!

Natalie SuttonNatalie Sutton
Passed First Time!!
Been learning since May with Suky and we’ve built up such a great friendship, she was a great instructor who keeps you calm and confident. I would get nervous every time I had my lessons but as soon as I got into the car them nerves would go and that’s thanks to Suky. I would recommend her to everyone, she’s really understanding, funny and doesn’t put pressure on you when driving. I’m definitely going to miss our lessons and weekly gossip but I know I have met a friend for life. Thanks I couldn’t have done it without you.

Natanya NagraNatanya Nagra
My driving experience was made easy with thanks to Suky. She is a calm, positive and experienced instructor who taught me everything in detail. I looked forward to my lessons as every lesson was about learning something new! She gave me confidence as well as being extremely supportive. Suky is an amazing instructor who gives perfect advice on improving your faults and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I will definitely miss not having any lessons with her!

Suky was recommended to me by a friend of mine which I am very glad about. A massive thank you to her as she is an outstanding instructor who keeps you very calm and is very reassuring. She explained everything step by step which made it easy to learn and also gave constructive feedbacks which helped build my confidence when driving. She made it easy to fit lessons around my busy work schedule. Suky’s an easy going person with a fantastic personality. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Aman Aman
Passed 1st time
I will definitely be recommending Suky to anyone needing a friendly, patient driving instructor. She taught me how to perfect manoeuvres with simple, structured steps without which I don't think I'd have passed my driving test on the first try. I started off as a nervous driver, but with the constructive feedback Suky gave me and the way she made me feel at ease during lessons, I'm now a confident driver and can't wait to start putting all that i've learnt into practice.

Shenee DauletShenee Daulet
A very big thank you to my Instructor Suky Badhan from LDC driving school for helping me pass. She made it easy to fit lessons around my busy schedule with work and childcare. Suky helped me stay positive has helped build my confidence, and has given me a positive attitude towards driving.

Nia ParekhNia Parekh
Passed 1st time
Passed first time with Suky because she is a great instructor, made everything so easy and simple! Definitely the best instructor you can have! She always made me feel confident and never let me feel nervous. She is a great instructor who helps you focus on weak points to strengthen them. Thank you Suky for all the help you have given me! Would recommend Suky to anyone!

Alysha PatelAlysha Patel
I'm so glad Suky was recommended to me by multiple successful friends because she helped to calm my nerves and made me a much more confident driver. You can have a laugh with her, but she balances this with valuable constructive feedback. Before I'd even started driving I put it off for so long because I was so nervous, which meant I had to continue lessons during University and Suky was so accommodating. I highly recommend her to all prospective drivers, she was a real help.

Tahsin MiahTahsin Miah
I’m so glad Suky was recommended to me by a family friend as she is an amazing driving instructor and I could not have passed without her. She knows how to make you feel calm and is really patient when it came to working on my weaker areas. She explained everything step by step when I didn’t understand something at first. She tailored lessons to what I needed and gave constructive feedback so I felt confident when driving. She is a wonderful, easy going person and someone you can have a laugh with, I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Suky is an excellent driving instructor who caters to your needs and listens to your worries when it comes to driving. She helped me build my confidence and made driving seem easy, which is something I did not feel before learning with Suky. Thank you for all your help.

Tanzimh ChowdhuryTanzimh Chowdhury
After many challenging experiences with other instructors, and almost giving up on driving entirely, Suky was recommended to me and I am super glad I got into contact with her. Since then, I have become significantly more confident in my driving abilities, due to Suky's excellent teaching skills, as well as, her friendly and calming vibe. Suky gives great advice regarding driving and has all the valuable knowledge needed to be a confident and safe driver. It has been an honour to be taught by her. I would strongly recommend Suky as a driving instructor to any current or prospective learner drivers out there.

Amanda PriceAmanda Price
I had already had some lessons before driving with Suky but I was a very nervous driver when I started with her. she has built my self confidence and made me a better driver. With her support and guidance I passed my driving test which is fantastic. I would certainly recommend her to anyone she's a wonderful person and even better instructor. Thankyou so much.

Tayyibah ChowdhuryTayyibah Chowdhury
A family friend had recommended Suky to me to start learning to drive with her and I’m very glad they did. I was initially very nervous about driving and she put me at ease by tailoring the lessons to what I needed to work on and develop. I never felt rushed or panicked when I made a mistake because Suky was always very calm and gave great constructive feedback at the end of every lesson. I looked forward to my weekly driving lessons because it was a lot of fun and I always felt like I had improved after each hour. I would definitely recommend her to prospective drivers. Thanks for all your help Suky!

Samuel Reay SmithSamuel Reay Smith
Suky is a great driving instructor. She made me feel calm in the car and explained everything very clearly, whilst always being patient with me when I didn’t understand something the first time. She has extensive knowledge of the test routes and showed me lots of the different scenarios that could occur in the test, meaning I felt confident when actually taking it. I would recommend Suky to anyone!

Farhan ChoudhuryFarhan Choudhury
I passed first time with Suky
Suky is a fantastic driving instructor that calms your nerves while you're driving. I felt confident around her and easily got along with her. The lessons with her are amazing as you never get bored around Suky while you're driving. When it comes to teaching, Suky gives clear instructions and great constructive feedback. I would highly recommend Suky.

Amy TrenberthAmy Trenberth
Passed 1st time
I would highly recommend Suky as your driving instructor. She is so easy to get along with and helped me gain the confidence and knowledge to pass. Suky was always there if I needed to ask any questions and go over anything. I had a great experience learning with Suky and thanks to her I passed 1st time with 0 minors!

Passed 1st time
I came to Coventry with a month to prepare before my test and I still passed it first time thanks to Suky. She was great at giving me advice and provided me with the independence which I needed. She gave me useful materials and helped me become a better driver. Thank you for your help.

James McCullaghJames McCullagh
Suky is a great instructor, very calm and a good laugh. Looked forward to every lesson I had. Passed first time in the space of 12 weeks. Highly recommend her.

Suky is a great driving instructor she makes you feel really relaxed whilst driving. She talks you through everything and makes you feel confident behind the wheel. If there is anything you don't understand or are struggling with something she will go through it step by step to help you understand. I passed my test with only 4 minors and if it wasn't for Suky I wouldn't have passed at all. She is an amazing instructor and I will miss all our chats :) so thank you again for everything.

Passed 1st time
I really enjoyed the time I spent learning to drive with Suky, it was like driving with a friend I had known for years. Suky gave me the confidence and skills that I needed in order to pass my test first time. Suky is a lovely, honest, kind and caring woman who wants you to do the best that you can. I appreciate everything she did to help me, it was an honour to have Suky as my driving instructor.

Travis Travis
I passed my test after 15 lessons suky was really easy to talk to and explained everything in the best way possible. i had no problems while on my test because everything had been covered.

Adam BeattAdam Beatt
I had one previous driving instructor before Suky who I didn't have much luck. However Suky was brilliant, making you feel at ease in the car when driving. Suky also explains things in a very simple way making it easier to understand. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Suky to anyone learning to drive.

I have passed my driving with Suky and thanks to her for teaching me how to drive. I couldn’t have found a more patient, supportive and encouraging instructor. She is relaxed and has a great sense of humour kept me motivated. She is an amzaing instructor could not ask for much kind hearted instructor who teaches everything, With Suky my experience has been really good. I picked up on things really quickly. I am glad i picked Suky as my instructor, I would thoroughly recommend her. :)

Lyudmyla DemchukLyudmyla Demchuk
A huge thank you to Suky for helping me pass my driving test. Suky is an amazing teacher. She is very calm, patient and knowledgeable. I felt very relaxed during lessons with her and I was looking forward to each lesson. Suky was very good at identifying my weakest points and explaining how I could improve and where I needed the most practice. She has given me the correct expectations about the practical test. Suky is a very experienced driving instructor and she knows how to prepare pupils for the test. I'm grateful for her teaching and support. I recommend her to all learner drivers.